My Bezzie


“My Bezzie” which means closest friend was conceived from our personal experiences and curated after getting an insight into the challenges faced by our senior parents living alone. Thus being sensitised, My Bezzie services have been mindfully identified keeping elderly parents and their day to day challenges and needs in mind.

All of us know that age brings with it, its own challenges be it for the seniors or their children. The difficulty of not being able to manage things independently and the perception of losing their freedom makes it increasingly burdensome for our seniors. While on the other hand, it is as stressful for children living far away knowing that they can’t be around for their parents as much as they want to look after their well being at all times.

At My Bezzie, our promise is to establish meaningful relationships with our senior extended families and to ensure that their needs are taken care of, by just being a call away.


Personal Care Bezzie

Each senior has his/ her own Personal Care Bezzie, who is patient, compassionate and understands their need and calls/visits at regular intervals to check in and bond with the family. Our Bezzies are trustworthy and courteous individuals who not only have the required skills but more importantly feel deeply committed to the idea of service for the elderly.

Our range of Services

While we recognize that healthcare and medical support are of utmost importance at this age, we also believe that there is a need for daily living essentials and services that range from travel assistance, technology troubleshooting, legal paperwork, security and home maintenance…. in fact, My Bezzie offers practical solutions to all or any problems likely to be faced by seniors .

Customized Package

In addition to the services available we also understand that there may be different needs than those offered in our packages, we would be happy to customise on need basis.

Wallet Option

We provide an option for the children to pay for the services utilised by their senior parents thereby taking off the financial burden and ensuring that the parents are stress free and comfortable .

The “Wallet” option acts like a debit card where the loved ones can top up any amount that they wish and issue instructions for any service that needs to be provided to the elderly. Our Bezzie will keep the contributor informed of the services undertaken and the related expense .

Our vision is to provide a life of dignity and freedom to our senior citizens by ensuring that they never feel alone or helpless at any point.